Massacre and Memory Tour

Available by Reservation
  • $150 per group
  • 1-8 people per tour
  • 48 hour notice required

Contact or 617-720-1713 x300 to check availability.

The Flame of Independence sparked in Boston

More than just a hash mark on a timeline, the Boston Massacre was a crystallizing moment in the formation of the American identity.

The Massacre and Memory Tour is a half-mile guided walking tour that explores the surprisingly small geography of colonial Boston and its central civic buildings—the Old State House, the Old South Meeting House, and Faneuil Hall—to uncover the roots of the conflict that escalated into a deadly riot, leaving five dead and a country changed.

Was the tragedy that night the unlikely confluence of unpredictable events or the inevitable eruption of a close-knit community under intense strain? Peer beyond the infamous imagery and patriot propaganda to discover how the events of that night became not only a spark for the flame of American Independence, but a call to arms that has echoed through generations in their fights for freedom and justice.

The Massacre and Memory Tour runs approximately 75 minutes and includes facilitated entry into the Old State House and Old South Meeting House. Tours are available by reservation, requiring 48 hours of advance notice.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, groups are limited to 1-8 people per guide. For the safety and comfort of our staff and visitors, face coverings and social distancing will be required.

This experience is also available as a virtual tour. Contact to learn more.

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