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Old State House

Old State House

Built in 1713, the Old State House was a seat of British power and site of the Boston Massacre. It became a point of origin for vital debates about self-government that sparked the Revolution.

Old South Meeting House

Old South Meeting House

Old South Meeting House has been an active center for civic dialogue and free expression since 1729. It was home to some of the largest and most inclusive public gatherings leading up to the Revolution.

The Old South Association and the Bostonian Society are now
Revolutionary Spaces.

Revolutionary Spaces connects people to the history and personal practice of democracy through an encounter with two of the nation’s most important Revolutionary sites, Boston’s Old State House and the Old South Meeting House.

We hope you’ll join us as for programs and exhibitions that challenge our understanding of the past and help us explore the future we want to build together.


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Diana C. Pisciotta

Board of Directors

Nathaniel Sheidley, President and CEO

Martha McNamara,
Carl Sciortino,
Ellen Lipsey,
     Vice Chair

Raymond Hoefling,
James F. Hunnewell, Jr,
     Preservation Officer of
     the Old State House
Christopher Lane,
     Preservation Officer of the
     Old South Meeting House
Judith B. McDonough,

Thomas Appleton
Richard Batchelder
Asaf Bitton
Charles Coe
Robert Cordy
Karilyn Crockett
Mark Gabrielson
Peter Gori
Alexandra Hastings
Malia Lazu
Cynthia Malm
Peter Moroney
Robert Pyles
Aliza Saivetz Glasser
Julie Solz
Nancy Taylor
Katherine B. Winter

Old South Meeting House


Existing memberships in the Bostonian Society and Old South Association will be honored by Revolutionary Spaces. Information about our new Membership program will be available soon.

To make a gift by phone, call 617-720-1713 x120.