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Enter Boston’s Old South Meeting House and Old State House – the two most iconic sites on the Freedom Trail. We view history as a powerful tool to understand our present and build work toward a more just and equitable future.


  • The Humble Petitioner
    The Humble Petitioner
    In Colonial America, those without the right to vote were forced to pursue other avenues to have their voices heard.
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  • Council Chamber
    Council Chamber
    Once an exclusive space for the most powerful men in Massachusetts, now all are invited to connect to our nation’s history in this meticulously-restored 18th-century room.
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  • Voices of Protest
    Voices of Protest
    Discover compelling people who made a difference at Old South Meeting House and the history of protest and free speech that continues to this day.
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  • The Main Hall at Old South
    The Main Hall at Old South
    The largest meeting space colonial Boston, this room was host to thousands of people leading to the Boston Tea Party, and has been a steadfast haven for free speech for almost three centuries.
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  • Colony to Commonwealth
    Colony to Commonwealth
    Your first stop in Boston! See how Massachusetts and its residents played a pivotal role in the birth of America.
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  • Hands on History
    Hands on History
    For young visitors and the young at heart, there’s no better way to understand history than to reach out and touch it at the Old State House.
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  • Unfinished Business Film Series
    Unfinished Business Film Series
    A film series exploring the legacy of protest, representation, and revolution embodied in our historical sites.
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  • Reflecting Attucks
    Reflecting Attucks
    A virtual exhibit that examines the memory of Crispus Attucks, a man of African & Native descent who was the first to die in the Boston Massacre.
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  • Massacre and Memory Tour
    Massacre and Memory Tour
    CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE BOOKING ONLY: A half-mile guided walking tour that explores the surprisingly small geography of colonial Boston to uncover the roots of the Boston Massacre and includes entry to the Old State House and Old South Meeting House.
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  • Boston Reconsidered Tour
    Boston Reconsidered Tour
    CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE BOOKING ONLY: See how events in our backyard have shaped the entire nation. Trace the ideals of the Revolution through Independence, abolition, struggles for civil rights, and into the present day.
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