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Recorded September 29, 2020

There are no contemporaneous portraits of Attucks from the 18th century, leaving a gap in the historical record that generations of Americans have sought to fill. Imagining Attucks explores how Attucks has been interpreted through the years and grapples with the challenges that come with bringing Attucks to life.


  • Miranda ADEkoje, a Boston-based playwright currently writing I Am This Place, a new short play about Crispus Attucks commissioned by Revolutionary Spaces and produced by Plays in Place
  • Mitch Kachun, Professor Emeritus of History at Western Michigan University, and author of First Martyr of Liberty: Crispus Attucks in American Memory
  • Rasheed Walters, a Boston-based social entrepreneur and historical re-enactor who has played the role of Crispus Attucks in the Boston Massacre Reenactment

Reflecting Attucks is a virtual exhibit that explores the memory of Crispus Attucks, a man of African and Native descent who was the first to die at the Boston Massacre, an act of protest widely viewed as a turning point on the road to American Revolution.

Over the next several months, we will delve into Attucks’s world and look at how generations of Americans have seen their own reflection in the image of Attucks standing in the face of fierce opposition. By remembering him as a martyr, leader and courageous fighter, they fueled freedom movements that changed the course of history.

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