Tea Party Tonight! Episode 3

First Broadcast June 23, 2021

Tea Party Tonight! returns with more smart guests, more stupid games, and more Rob Crean. Join us during the all-important corridor between Father’s Day and Independence Day for our third episode. We make no legally binding promises, but it will definitely be the most important and hilarious thing that has ever happened on the internet.


  • Eliga Gould, Professor of History at University of New Hampshire and author of Crucible of Peace: The Turbulent History of America’s Founding Treaty.
  • Serena Zabin, Professor of History at Carleton College and author of The Boston Massacre: A Family History.
  • Caroline Klibanoff, Managing Director of Made by Us.

PLUS: Gifts for “Founding Fathers’ Day,” YA updates to historical favorites for your “Summer Reading,” and answering that eternal question “Was It Aliens?”

This event is supported in part by the Lowell Institute and New England Women’s Club Fund at the Boston Foundation.

Tea Party Tonight is our first-of-its-kind history comedy talk show. Host Rob Crean welcomes special guests to discuss history, give a unique spin on current events, and play some very stupid games.

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And hey, while you’re at it, take a look at this scientifically randomized clip from a past episode, why not?

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