Framing Mass Killings

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At Old State House

Entrance is included in the price of admission.

Revolutionary Spaces’ new exhibit at the Old State House, Framing Mass Killings, explores how the words we use to describe mass killings in American history affect whether and how we remember them. How did the incident on March 5, 1770, come to be known as the “Boston Massacre” rather than another word used to describe politically and socially motivated mass killings?

Visit today to examine the use of words like massacre, mass shooting, battle, riot, genocide, and slaughter and the ideas, meanings, and feelings these words evoke in you. Visitors will have the opportunity to share their thoughts on other mass killings in American history.

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    Reflecting Attucks
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  • Gallery Talks
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  • Framing Mass Killings
    Framing Mass Killings
    Exploring how the words we use to describe mass killings in American history affect whether and how we remember them.
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