Video | A Historical & Contemporary Conversation

Recorded September 17, 2020

This workshop includes the screening of a short, locally made film about anti-slavery activists in Boston’s Beacon Hill. To view the film, view below or click here.

This public event was a part of the 2020 Fierce Urgency of Now (F.U.N.) Festival. The F.U.N. Festival (#FUNinBOS) is a 5-day-long event hosted by City Awake in partnership with organizations throughout the Greater Boston region, highlighting the challenges and experiences of young professionals of color.

Are you a history buff, community activist, or curious to learn more about the history of activism for equity and justice in Boston? Join us to view a short film about anti-slavery activists in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood during the 19th-century Abolitionist Movement, followed by a conversation facilitated by one of these activists’ descendants. Learn about some pre-19th century community leaders and activists of African and Indigenous descent. With your peers, consider how these stories resonate with young professionals today, what we can learn from this history, and what we hope to exemplify for the next generation of leaders.

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