21st Century Voting Rights (and Wrongs)

OCT 14, 7PM ZOOM PANEL Register As we look ahead to the 2020 presidential election, we recognize that many of our neighbors face unfair obstacles to casting their votes in the ballot box on November 3. Join us to talk about civic engagement, voter suppression, and special barriers that exist for communities of color and other under-resourced populations. We’ll engage in conversation with several local leaders to learn how we can all support broad and inclusive voting efforts, in our… Read more 21st Century Voting Rights (and Wrongs)

Fighting for Equity

  Grief, Remembrance, Justice MAR 5: A conversation about Boston activist Melnea Cass and channeling grief into a call for lasting change. Info & Registration >> African Americans saw some progress in their fight for equality as courts began to rule against segregation, and elected representatives passed new civil rights laws in the second half of the 20th century. However, whites often resisted these changes with violence and intimidation. In Boston, Melnea Cass (1896-1978) resurrected Attucks Day in the 1970s… Read more Fighting for Equity

Connection to Native Peoples

  By the time of Attucks’s birth around 1723, Native people knew that contact with colonists more often led to danger rather than safety. Portuguese, Dutch, and English ships began arriving in North America in the 1500s, and about a century had passed since the Mayflower arrived on Wampanoag land in 1620. Within that time, colonists had stolen the independence of Native nations and devastated Native communities through warfare, disease, slavery, indentured servitude, kidnapping, land dispossession, and scalp bounties. Attucks… Read more Connection to Native Peoples

Museum@Home: Gallery Talk

Activity 1: Collection Activity 2: Exhibit Activity 3 ✮ Share your exhibit ✮ Time needed: 20-45 minutes Materials needed: Your exhibit, people to share it with LEARN: What is a museum gallery talk? In the second activity, you created an exhibit using your collection or objects in your house to tell a story or share information. How do museums use their exhibits to help visitors connect these stories to their own lives? At Revolutionary Spaces we have a team of… Read more Museum@Home: Gallery Talk

Museum@Home: Collection

Revolutionary Spaces presents: Museum@Home Three fun activities for anyone to create their very own museum at home. In celebration of Museum Week 2020, Revolutionary Spaces invites you to learn about the collections, exhibits, and gallery talks at our two historic sites and to create your very own museum at home. These three activities can be completed one at a time or all at once. They are designed for anyone ages eight and up to complete on their own, but also… Read more Museum@Home: Collection

Two teenagers taking a selfie at the Old State House.

Virtual Talks

History on demand. Watch videos of our Education Associates giving virtual talks on the people and stories that have shaped the ongoing American Revolution.     Other Virtual Experiences

The roofline of the Old State House.

How the 18th Century (Actually) Responded to Illness

This post is written in response to “How the 18th Century Responded to Illness Before Netflix and Zoom,” published on April 6, 2020. Last week, we published a blog post describing  how six prominent 18th-century Bostonians lived and dealt with illness in their lives. This piece drew on previous research for the “character cards” we use at the Old State House museum — a tool designed to help visitors move past the mythic dimensions of Revolutionary history and think about… Read more How the 18th Century (Actually) Responded to Illness