VIDEO | Tea Party Tonight! Episode 01

Originally broadcast December 16, 2020


Join local personality Rob Crean on Revolutionary Spaces’ newest program, Tea Party Tonight!, a first-of-its-kind comedy talk show. Along with some of the leading voices in Boston history and research, Rob will explore the roles of our city and its people in the creation and evolution of the American experiment, with plenty of laughs along the way. Broadcast from the historic Old South Meeting House on the 247th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, Rob will be joined by scholars William Fowler, Ben Carp, and Chernoh Sesay to dive into the world surrounding the “destruction of the tea,” what kind of society it wrought, and why 18th century events still have meaning today.

This event is generously sponsored by the Lowell Institute.

Tea Party Tonight is our first-of-its-kind history comedy talk show. Host Rob Crean welcomes special guests to discuss history, give a unique spin on current events, and play some very stupid games.

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