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Revolutionary Spaces Receives Grant to Highlight Petitions as a Political Voice for Marginalized Groups

Grant from Americana Corner to support exhibit opening in early 2023

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Media Contact: Stephen Libby,

Boston, MA – Revolutionary Spaces is proud to announce that it was recently awarded $7,000 by Americana Corner to support an exhibit to be installed in the Old State House in 2023. The grant will fund cases to display and help interpret four colonial and federalist-era petitions to the governor that were received there, and which will serve as a springboard to explore how marginalized and disenfranchised groups were able to use their political voices to advocate for their rights.

“This exhibit is going to explore some of the tools early Americans—including the disenfranchised—used to make their voices heard,” said Matthew Wilding, Director of Visitor Experience & Content Development at Revolutionary Spaces. “We are so grateful for the support of Americana Corner, that will help us to provide visitors with in-depth, engaging looks into how women, indigenous people, African-Americans, and propertyless citizens used their right to petition in an era when only white, property-owning men had the right to vote and to hold office. The questions these 18th-century advocacy efforts raise about representation, about making yourself heard, about what tools we have when we are silenced, these are questions we still grapple with today.”

The cases funded by Americana Corner will display petitions and objects related to petitions, some of which will be displayed for the first time ever, including some items that provide insight to the everyday life of disenfranchised individuals in Massachusetts. The exhibit will also feature analysis of the petitions, historical context for the arguments being made, and interactive options for visitors to voice their support or opposition. There will also be opportunities for visitors to offer issues they feel need government intervention and to share their own ideas for how to make the voices of the marginalized heard in modern society.

Revolutionary Spaces is committed to using the historic sites and artifacts in their care to help connect contemporary audiences to the ongoing work of the American experiment. This exhibit, with crucial support from Americana Corner, will make that connection tangible and fresh for visitors to the Old State House from Boston and beyond.

About Revolutionary Spaces: Revolutionary Spaces brings people together to explore the American struggle to create and sustain a free society, singularly evoked by Boston’s Old South Meeting House and Old State House. We steward these buildings as gathering spaces for the open exchange of ideas and the continuing practice of democracy, inspiring all who believe in the power of people to govern themselves.

About Americana Corner: Americana Corner was founded by Tom Hand in 2020 as an online resource to help others rediscover America’s incredible founding and first century of expansion. From the American Revolution to the settlement of the American West, from the Declaration of Independence to the Emancipation Proclamation, and from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, Americana Corner contains positive stories of the great events, founding documents, and inspirational leaders who helped create and shape our country. Perhaps most importantly, Tom discusses why these events and people from so long ago still matter to us today.

About the Americana Corner Grant Program: Americana Corner was founded by Tom Hand in 2020 as an online resource to help others rediscover America’s incredible founding and first century of expansion. The Americana Corner Grant Program assists organizations that tell the story of our nation’s wonderful past and rekindle a love for American history in all its splendor.

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