Museum@Home: Gallery Talk

Activity 1: Collection Activity 2: Exhibit Activity 3 ✮ Share your exhibit ✮ Time needed: 20-45 minutes Materials needed: Your exhibit, people to share it with LEARN: What is a museum gallery talk? In the second activity, you created an exhibit using your collection or objects in your house to tell a story or share information. How do museums use their exhibits to help visitors connect these stories to their own lives? At Revolutionary Spaces we have a team of… Read more Museum@Home: Gallery Talk

Two teens looking at a map of 18th century Boston.

Museum@Home: Exhibit

Activity 1: Collection Activity 2 ❉ Organize your exhibit ❉ Time needed: 20-45 minutes Materials needed: Objects to display, something to write with, paper or post-it notes LEARN: What is a museum exhibit? In the first activity, you and your family shared your own collections with one another. How do museums share their collections with their visitors? Lots of museums like to display their collection in public spaces to tell stories and share information. These displays are called exhibitions or… Read more Museum@Home: Exhibit

Museum@Home: Collection

Revolutionary Spaces presents: Museum@Home Three fun activities for anyone to create their very own museum at home. In celebration of Museum Week 2020, Revolutionary Spaces invites you to learn about the collections, exhibits, and gallery talks at our two historic sites and to create your very own museum at home. These three activities can be completed one at a time or all at once. They are designed for anyone ages eight and up to complete on their own, but also… Read more Museum@Home: Collection