Artist Fellows

Step into the Old State House and Old South Meeting House this fall to explore all-new artistic visions of the American story.

The Artist Fellows program at Revolutionary Spaces opens the doors for new voices to find meaning and connection in the narratives and ideas housed in these two sites. Both buildings and their shared legacy of protest and debate serve as platforms for Massachusetts-based artists to share their visions of history, community, and the struggle for all people to be heard.

Over the next several months, a series of art installations at the Old State House and Old South Meeting House will challenge the traditional narratives of memory and voice. We have partnered with the public art curators at Now + There to identify artists whose unique perspectives will penetrate the veil of the mythology surrounding our history and advise them on their projects. Through audio, visual, and performance media, the Artist Fellows will use these iconic sites to engage visitors in the ongoing conversations that continue to shape American life.

Artist Fellow Projects

  • Heard
    “Heard” explores questions of colonial government, community, and prejudice through the lens of the colonial to the contemporary deaf community.
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