Massacre and Memory Tour

March-September Fri, Sat, & Sun 1:30pm Beginning at the Old State House Buy Tickets Includes all-day General Admission to the Old State House and Old South Meeting House. This tour is free for Revolutionary Spaces Members. Learn more about membership here. The Flame of Independence sparked in Boston More than just a hash mark on a timeline, the Boston Massacre was a crystallizing moment in the formation of the American identity. The Massacre and Memory Tour is a half-mile guided… Read more Massacre and Memory Tour

A woman and young girl play with costume pieces at the Old State House.

Discounted Membership

Revolutionary Spaces is pleased to offer discounted membership prices to seniors, students, teachers, military families, and EBT card holders. Discounts apply to the Foundational Fellow (Individual), Balcony Club (Couple), and Chandelier Guild (Family) levels. Revolutionary Spaces members have the chance to connect to the history and continuing practice of democracy through the intertwined stories of two of the nation’s most iconic sites – Boston’s Old South Meeting House and Old State House. Enjoy a variety of member benefits, including free… Read more Discounted Membership

Two-Site Tour

Available by Reservation $150 per group 1-8 people per tour 48 hour notice required Booking Contact or 617-720-1713 x300 to check availability. Due to Covid 19, we are currently offering access to Old South Meeting House and Old State House on an appointment-only basis. Over 300 years of shared history, the Old State House and the Old South Meeting House have embodied the questions and debates that remain central to the practice of self-government in America and the world… Read more Two-Site Tour

Fighting for Equity

  Grief, Remembrance, Justice MAR 5: A conversation about Boston activist Melnea Cass and channeling grief into a call for lasting change. Info & Registration >> African Americans saw some progress in their fight for equality as courts began to rule against segregation, and elected representatives passed new civil rights laws in the second half of the 20th century. However, whites often resisted these changes with violence and intimidation. In Boston, Melnea Cass (1896-1978) resurrected Attucks Day in the 1970s… Read more Fighting for Equity

Reflecting Attucks

Reflecting Attucks is a virtual exhibit that examines the memory of Crispus Attucks, a man of African & Native descent who was the first to die in the Boston Massacre, an event now regarded as the start of the American Revolution. Revolutionary Spaces offers all of the content from our current exhibit on Attucks inside Boston’s Old State House, just across the street from the site of the Boston Massacre. We are folding in digital exclusive content that we couldn’t… Read more Reflecting Attucks

On Protest in the Streets of Boston

By Nathaniel Sheidley, President & CEO The two city blocks connecting these national landmarks – Boston’s Old State House and Old South Meeting House – are hallowed ground for our American tradition of protest. On August 14, 1765, a crowd protesting the hated Stamp Act walked this same path.  They began at Liberty Tree, a great elm located at what is now the intersection of Essex and Washington Streets, where an effigy of Andrew Oliver (the official responsible for enforcement… Read more On Protest in the Streets of Boston

Transforming Rep Hall

At the end of 2019, as we geared up to change exhibits in Representatives Hall in the Old State House, we noticed a fair amount of cosmetic updates that needed to be made. We thought we were in for some paint touch-ups, minor plaster work, and a good cleaning. Once our preservation team took a closer look, we realized the issues we set out to fix were not superficial by any means, and extended beyond skin-deep. Our Facilities and Preservation… Read more Transforming Rep Hall

A performance of Cato & Dolly in Representatives Hall at the Old State House.

Cato & Dolly

JUN 17 – AUG 11, 2019 At the Old State House The names you never knew. The stories you’ll never forget. The original play Cato & Dolly offers a glimpse of everyday life inside the Hancock House through the eyes of those who lived there: Cato Hancock, an enslaved man serving the Hancock household, and Dolly Hancock, John Hancock’s wife and First Lady of Massachusetts. Blood on the Snow playwright Patrick Gabridge gives life to the Revolutionary-era figures whose lives… Read more Cato & Dolly

The Petition performing in the Council Chamber of the Old State House.

The Petition

AUG 12 – SEP 29, 2019 At the Old State House He stood by his countrymen, even if they would not stand by him. In Boston in 1774, the Sons of Liberty cry out for freedom from tyranny. But for the thousands of men, women, and children enslaved in Massachusetts, the words “liberty” and “freedom” have a very different meaning. Abolitionist and free black man Prince Hall knows that the people are hungry for change, but will the men in… Read more The Petition