Tea Act of 1773

The Tea Act of 1773 passed, keeping the 3-penny tax on tea. When tea arrives in the colonies, the consignees must now pay the entire duty on the tea BEFORE the tea can be landed. The consignees for Boston were Richard Clarke & Sons, Benjamin Faneuil, Jr, Joshua Winslow, Thomas Hutchinson, Jr, and his brother, Elisha (sons of Royal Governor, Thomas Hutchinson).

Massacre and Memory Tour

March-September Fri, Sat, & Sun 1:30pm Beginning at the Old State House Buy Tickets Includes all-day General Admission to the Old State House and Old South Meeting House. This tour is free for Revolutionary Spaces Members. Learn more about membership here. The Flame of Independence sparked in Boston More than just a hash mark on a timeline, the Boston Massacre was a crystallizing moment in the formation of the American identity. The Massacre and Memory Tour is a half-mile guided… Read more Massacre and Memory Tour