Reopening Revolutionary Spaces

Revolutionary Spaces is excited to announce its plans to reopen the Old State House and Old South Meeting House museums on a trial basis for at least three weeks beginning Saturday, Aug. 1. The museums will be open Thursday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm, and will have strict cleaning and physical distancing guidelines in place. The museum shops at both sites will not be open Aug. 1-2. Old South Meeting House and the Old State House will be open in a… Read more Reopening Revolutionary Spaces

From Smallpox to COVID-19

WED, JULY 29 ONLINE EVENT 3:30PM Register Microbes, Hate and History Co-Presented by Revolutionary Spaces and the Upstander Project From smallpox and measles, to cholera, dysentery, and tuberculosis, Indigenous peoples have suffered disproportionate loss of life from disease since European settlers began to trade with them and later occupy their land. The novel coronavirus has impacted Indigenous peoples with a familiar ferocity, flagging their perennial lack of good jobs, housing, and healthcare. Join a distinguished panel of experts to learn… Read more From Smallpox to COVID-19

The tower of the Old State House.

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This is a Section Title Putting an image down here. Let’s see what we can style. WILLIAM MONROE TROTTER Photographer unknown Date unknown Photograph Reproduction Born in Ohio but raised in Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood, William Monroe Trotter grew up in the heart of Boston’s abolitionist community. His family included former slaves and operatives on the Underground Railroad. William Cooper Nell was a family friend. Trotter grew up hearing stories about Crispus Attucks and other soldiers of color in the… Read more aaa-Testing testing testing

Meditation on Indigenous Life

TUE, JUNE 30 ONLINE EVENT 7PM Register Poetry and visual art by Mashpee Wampanoag poet, artist, and author Robert Peters will come to life in an original, multi-media performance. This premiere performance features Peters’ poetry/art collection “Thirteen Moons,” which evolved through the artist’s personal journey to reclaim traditional culture and to live in a way consistent with his traditional beliefs. A choral reading of the “Thirteen Moons” poetry collection will set the stage for a conversation with Peters and other… Read more Meditation on Indigenous Life

How to Care for Your Home Library

By Nicole McAllister, Special Collections Librarian We have them all over our homes, we probably don’t think too much about them, and they are there when we need them – it’s our books! Books are a great resource for reference, self-improvement, and a fun escape.  And there’s no better time to think about how to care for them than during Preservation Month. When thinking about our book collections, there are safe areas and spaces to store them. Ideally, we would… Read more How to Care for Your Home Library

Conserving the Memory of Crispus Attucks

By Jill Conley, Registrar & Collections Manager; and Nicole McAllister, Special Collections Librarian On March 6, 1770, the day after the Boston Massacre, the coroner filed an autopsy report for Crispus Attucks, a formerly enslaved man of African and Native descent who was the first to die at the “Incident on King Street.” In the autopsy report, Attucks is identified as “Michael Johnson,” a name which he might have been using to protect himself from being re-enslaved. Within days of… Read more Conserving the Memory of Crispus Attucks

A visitor holding up a camera to record an event at the Old South Meeting House.

Virtual Events

Be there. Wherever you are. From readings to community conversations and performances, check out this archive of recent virtual events. For information on upcoming events, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. Other Virtual Experiences

Museum@Home: Gallery Talk

Activity 1: Collection Activity 2: Exhibit Activity 3 ✮ Share your exhibit ✮ Time needed: 20-45 minutes Materials needed: Your exhibit, people to share it with LEARN: What is a museum gallery talk? In the second activity, you created an exhibit using your collection or objects in your house to tell a story or share information. How do museums use their exhibits to help visitors connect these stories to their own lives? At Revolutionary Spaces we have a team of… Read more Museum@Home: Gallery Talk

Two teens looking at a map of 18th century Boston.

Museum@Home: Exhibit

Activity 1: Collection Activity 2 ❉ Organize your exhibit ❉ Time needed: 20-45 minutes Materials needed: Objects to display, something to write with, paper or post-it notes LEARN: What is a museum exhibit? In the first activity, you and your family shared your own collections with one another. How do museums share their collections with their visitors? Lots of museums like to display their collection in public spaces to tell stories and share information. These displays are called exhibitions or… Read more Museum@Home: Exhibit

Museum@Home: Collection

Revolutionary Spaces presents: Museum@Home Three fun activities for anyone to create their very own museum at home. In celebration of Museum Week 2020, Revolutionary Spaces invites you to learn about the collections, exhibits, and gallery talks at our two historic sites and to create your very own museum at home. These three activities can be completed one at a time or all at once. They are designed for anyone ages eight and up to complete on their own, but also… Read more Museum@Home: Collection