Members’ View: A Revolution is Brewing Playtesting

DEC 15, 6PM

Old South Meeting House

Please note this event is being offered as a benefit for Revolutionary Spaces members, who will receive a special registration link by email. Not yet a member?

We ask that all attendees wear a mask inside the building when not eating or drinking.

High school students will soon be able to experience a new educational program simulating a key moment in American history. But we’d like you to be the first to playtest it!

In collaboration with a committee of regional teachers, and utilizing the VOXPOP simulator, we are currently developing a role-playing experience for the debate surrounding the Boston Tea Party and its aftermath. On Wednesday, December 15, at 6 pm, Revolutionary Spaces members are invited to beta-test this immersive educational game as we get it ready to bring out into local schools.

In this simulation, attendees will participate in a series of debates and negotiations and will vote on the outcomes of a “Boston Town Meeting,” like the one that took place on December 16, 1773 in the Old South Meeting House leading directly to the Boston Tea Party. Participants will play the role of a wide and diverse variety of 18th century Bostonians and weigh in on the issues being considered against the personal, professional, and social consequences that they may have faced.

Space is limited to a small group for this event. Please register by December 8. We anticipate a waiting list, so please let us know ASAP if you are no longer planning to attend by contacting

About Your Host

Along with members of the VOXPOP team, this game will be facilitated by Revolutionary Spaces Director of Content Development, Matthew Wilding, who has a strong background in digital content development and is passionate about creating engaging experiences for people of all ages. At Revolutionary Spaces, Matt works within the Museum Experience team and across the organization to establish and implement the visitor experience strategy, and serves as lead for interpretation and content activities at the Old State House and Old South Meeting House museums, including tours and education programs.

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