Finding Community and Hope in Loss

This March 5, Revolutionary Spaces invites you to follow in the footsteps of Revolutionary Era Bostonians by making a speech that helps transform grief into a call for change. During this event, Finding Community and Hope in Loss, we will broadcast speeches by community members remembering their loss and urging us all to take action on a difficult problem.

Bostonians have suffered many losses over the last year, but it is not the first time the community has been traumatized by recent and shocking events. Just over 250 years ago, the community also had to find a path forward after five men were killed by British troops at the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770.

The grieving community responded by coming together at the Old South Meeting House throughout to remember the victims and chart a path forward. Members of the community like John Hancock helped give the community strength to pursue a seemingly impossible goal at the time: A revolution that led to independence from Britain.

We believe that the act of remembering together, as our Revolutionary forebears knew, has the power to make stronger the bonds that connect us.

We hope you will consider speaking at this event and share your perspectives with the community. Please let us know by January 5 if you are interested in speaking at this event by completing the brief form below. If you have any questions about the event, please check out the FAQs or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest in speaking at Finding Community and Hope in Loss on March 5, 2021. We have included some commonly asked questions about the event below. If you have questions that are not covered, please email us at

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form below.

  • Does the person I am remembering have to be someone I knew from the Boston area?
    We have a preference for local community members, but are open to remembering people from other parts of the United States and the world. The victims of the Massacre were both men from Boston, as well as others passing through town.
  • Does the person I am remembering have to have died in the last year?
    To be in the spirit of the Massacre orations, our preference would be for you to honor someone who has passed away in the last ten years or so.
  • Do I have to talk about the Boston Massacre?
    No. This event is about the challenges we face as a community today. Of course, as an organization that focuses on helping people understand how the Revolutionary connects to today, we hope that at a personal level, you will find inspiration in how people came together after the Massacre.
  • Do I have to give a formal speech?
    Any form of spoken word is fine: Poetry, song, and rap are as warmly welcomed as a classic speech.
  • How long can my speech be?
    We are looking for speeches that are 7 minutes or less. We would like to share as many perspectives we can during a roughly hour-long event.
  • How can I let you know that I’d like to give a speech?
    Just fill out the form. to let us know a little about yourself and what you would like to talk about.
  • Will I be giving my speech live?
    We will pre-record all speeches, but broadcast them on the night of March 5, which is the anniversary of the Massacre.
  • What’s the deadline for recording my speech?
    We will let you know by January 15 if you have been selected to speak. Final recordings would be due by February 19 so that we have time to edit them into a final broadcast.
  • Where will I speak from?
    You are welcome to speak from anywhere in your community that is meaningful for you. If you’d like to come to Old South Meeting House to record your speech, we will arrange to do so in a safe and socially distant way.
  • Do I have to dress up?
    No, wear what you feel is appropriate. Joseph Warren gave his speech in a toga in 1775, so in his honor, we’re flexible on the dress code.
  • Is there an age limit for speakers?
    We welcome speakers of all ages.

Applying to Speak at the March 5 Event

Thanks for your interest in speaking at Finding Community and Hope in Loss. Please complete the form below by January 5, 2021 to let us know a little bit about yourself and what you’d like to talk about. We will let you know by January 15 if you have been selected. We ask that all recordings be completed by February 19 so that we have time to edit them into final form.

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